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Dear Diary,

Jesse: A technical note:  In case you think I was drinking when I took this photo, you're wrong.  The painting is straight!  

I re-took this photo many times with always the same result: a crooked-looking painting. In desperation, I put a level on the painting and it shows perfectly level. There are some possible reasons for it looking crooked.  1. The floor is not level. 2. My head is not on straight. 3. My vision has gone wonky. 4. There is a computer/camera glitch. 5. It's really level - it's all in your imagination!


  1. Angle of the camera is the cause... ;-) But of course it could also be that your head is not on straight! :-)

  2. Camera angle for sure - you have to be absolutely central to a square or rectangle to take a photo of it without at least one edge looking wonky in the photo.

    1. You both are probably correct. I think I'll avoid such photos in the future! Thanks for the advice.


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