Back to front yellow knitwear

Dear Diary,

Adam: When I arrived here, I had the clothes on my back and a suit. The people at the Carpatina Doll Company made a mistake in the order and sent the Robin Hood costume instead of the Casual Chic outfit. I really don't see myself running around in the green tights so I found my wardrobe severely limited. Angelo gave me a cardigan which was too large for him as well as an over-sized T shirt.  Jesse reordered the Casual Chic outfit with shoes but they are coming via an US address so I have to wait. All in all, a rather dismal situation.

"My eyes are glazed over from concentrating on all these small stitches!"

I decided to take matters in to my own hands, as it were, and knit a jumper for myself. This was easier said than done. I didn't have a pattern to fit me so I had to try to adapt a pattern I had. It is knitted from the top-down with raglan sleeves so it's all in one piece. Since I never wear any top which has to be pulled over my head, this jumper had to have an opening down the back. This is practical as one garment serves two functions: cardigan and jumper.

"This is when I feel like wearing a cardigan."

This was easy to knit and when it was finished and I tried it on, I was fairly pleased with the final product. It's not perfect by any means.  It has what I'd call a “peasant shirt” style which works fine. I thought that my sandals would complete the counter-cultural look!

"This is me in the jumper option." 

Now, it's time to rethink the pattern and see how I can make it more form-fitting. In reality, what I need is for a professional knitter to make a pattern for me. I've looked online for patterns but they are all for the AG doll so they won't fit any better than what I made. Maybe someone will offer their services.


  1. Sunshine yellow, no one could help but smile when seeing you wearing your 'peasant top'. It looks great - well done knitting it. I quite agree about the green would have to be paid to wear them!

    Henry :-)

    1. A guy's got to have some self-respect and outside of a fancy dress party (or maybe Halloween), I keep to my usual style!

  2. The Casual Chic outfit will be better than the Robin Hood costume indeed! The sweater is great, the sandals look good with it too. I would like to be able to help with a pattern, but I'm a basic kind of knitter myself unfortunately :-). I'm looking forward to see the new outfit, hopefully it will arrive soon.

    1. Agreed about the RH outfit! I like the sandals with the jumper - something hippish about the combination. I guess I'm a basic knitter too - I know what I know and I stick to it. I look forward to getting the new outfit, too.

  3. I'm impressed with your small scale knitting!

    1. Thank you! Actually, this was nothing compared to a cardigan I made using this same pattern. I knitted with single ply knitting wool, using (if I remember correctly) about 2.0 mm needles. It was for a doll called Hitty which is 6.25" high. Now, that was small knitting! I made about 4 of them, but of course, that was when I could still read the phone book without prosthetic assistance...


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