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Looking mellow in yellow

Dear Diary,
Adam:  You might remember that Jesse knitted a top for me without a patter which ended up being "different", to say the least.  But, it was in the days when I really didn't have much clothing.  
Here I am in the newest cardie/jumper in the same yellow knitting wool, except this time it's from a pattern.  It fits me perfectly and everyone here is in agreement that yellow is a good colour for me.

This garment works as a 2-in-1 which gives me twice the wardrobe.   It's winter time here right now and knitted clothes are a plus. 
 I think there are two more colours to use up yet so be sure to come back to see me in the other two jumpers.

Socks supply

Dear Diary, Adam:  Don't believe it if you're told that the AG 18" doll socks fit me - because they don't!  They are far too big and look terrible on me.  
Up until now, that's all I had so I refused to wear any socks at all.  Then, Angelo reminded Jesse about his wonderful socks and this gave Jesse the answer - Ruth to the rescue!  Ruth in England made 90% of Angelo's clothes and she made him some wonderful socks.  Sadly, they are too small for me but she agreed to make some just to fit my foot.  Today, they arrived in the post and they are wonderful.  

I received 9 pairs of machine-knitted socks in a wide variety of colours.  They fit me well,  allowing me to wear shoes.  I like getting new clothes!

Little by little, I'm putting together and decent wardrobe.  I like having nice things to wear.  When you're as handsome as I am, it doesn't make sense to wear ill-fitting and poorly styled clothes.  
Shoes and socks, shoes and socks, shoes and socks - I w…

Looking perfect in pistachio

Dear Diary,
Jesse:  I have a number of different colours of this 5-ply knitting wool to use up knitting jumpers/cardigans for Adam so be prepared for a few more to show up here!  The pattern is the same. This time I added buttonholes which was a big improvement.
These jumper/cardigans fit very nicely on Adam.  I wasn't confident that this colour would work on Adam but after it was completed, I was pleasantly surprised at how nice it looks on him.

If you want the knitting details, please go back to the entry "Looking rad in red".

New letter - minneapolis spring time

Dear Diary,
Angelo:  Another letter from the USA!  We are lucky to have friends who like to write and send us photos.  All of us here enjoyed reading this letter and looking at the photos of spring while we are in the middle of winter.

Dear Angelo and Adam -
I had originally intended to write this letter quite a while ago to tell you a little bit about our Springtime.  However as I look at the calendar, I see that it is actually now officially summer. Time seems to slip by so quickly!  On behalf of Anthony, Giancarlo and Tyler, I think I can say that Spring is our favorite time of the year.  After a long winter, there's nothing quite like getting out in the yard and taking in all of the wondrous sights, sounds and smells.  It's really a lot like renewing old friendships.  
We love our old friends the Lilac and Spirea bushes. They always put on an incredible show.

Some of our yard acquaintances are a bit more no nonsense.  Apollo never has much to say.  As Tyler observed, he is quit…