Waiting for Adam Carpatina

Dear Diary,

Angelo: I am so excited because I won't be the only boy doll here for much longer!  Papa has arranged for a new boy, Adam Carpatina to come to live with us.  He will be our friend and will share our life together. It's great to think that soon I'll have some doll companionship. Humans are wonderful but only a doll can understand the inner workings of another doll.

"Oi! Mr Postie!  Over here! Do you have a parcel for us today?"

Every arvo for the past week I've waited at the window, watching for the postie to arrive with a parcel from the doll company.  And, every day I've been disappointed - nothing.  Adam is long overdue and each day Papa and I are excited in the morning but despondent in the evening.  "Patience, Angelo; patience!"  Well, that's easy to say. Now, it's a holiday weekend and I have to wait 2 more days until we have mail delivery again. Fingers crossed!

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