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A letter about winter reading

Dear Diary,

Adam:  As spring advances in the northern hemisphere, here, in the southern hemisphere autumn is gradually turning to winter.   There are lots of chores to do before the frosts set in and the days are long, dark and cold.  It's good to take some time to plan how we'll spend our winter.  It was fun to get this letter from our friends up north, to learn how they passed the cold months. Dear Angelo & Adam,
Winters in our part of the world can be long, cold and dark.  However, they do provide a great opportunity for us to catch up on our reading.  We want to share with you some of the things we have enjoyed reading over the winter.

For some unknown reason we have a few books in Italian in the house.  Giancarlo is very fond of these.  He loves to read stories in his native tongue, because he says the Italian language is “molto bella”.

Corduroy is Sasha’s favorite book.  I think it’s because he really relates to the story.  Like the eponymous bear, Sasha also spent a lon…

A year of happiness

Dear Diary,

Adam: Somehow, it doesn't seem possible that I've been here for an entire year!  I was asked if this is my birthday, but I don't really know when that might be.  It's not really an anniversary, either.  It just marks the special date when I came to my new home to start a real life.

I remember the long, long trip to New Zealand.  I landed at Auckland and then had an 8 day delay because it was the long Easter holidays.

Angelo:  I can remember waiting for Adam to arrive.  I was so excited; I couldn't stand it!  Papa promised us a new family member.  I liked this idea because I wanted another doll to be friends with.

I wanted to give something special to Adam on his special day but i just didn't know what to give him.  He needs more clothes but I can't sew.  He never complains or asks for anything, so it was a real dilemma.  Finally, I decided to go out into the garden and pick for him the loveliest yellow rose I could find. 

Adam:  In honour of my speci…

A letter from the united states

Dear Diary,
Angelo:  Today, we received a letter with photos from our newest friends in the United States.  This is what they wrote to us.
Dear Angelo & Adam.  
    We know that naturally you are curious about your new friends in the U.S., so we have sent some pictures of me, Giancarlo and Tony.  In these photos we have just come inside from a walk and some fresh air.  Even though spring is just around the corner, it's still a bit chilly.  In fact, we had a dusting of snow last night.  I'm the one with the blond hair and striped sweater.  Giancarlo has dark hair and is wearing a plaid jacket and green shirt and Tony is the tall one.  He's wearing his new Kidz and Cats shirt and jacket.  Giancarlo is quite charming and outgoing, as you will find out.  He and I really like Tony.  He's a great guy and a lot of fun, even though he can be a bit of a worrier.  He always cautioning us not to play on the stairs.  I guess it's a good thing that we have someone responsible …