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Berets for days

Dear Diary,
I wear a beret because mein Vati wears one. Well, he has more than one: French, Basque, Italian, Spanish, Czech/Slovak.  The are all pretty much the same, some are smaller than others or are made of thicker fulled (felted) wool.  Berets are traditionally black but they do appear in colours from time to time.  Archeology has shown that hats similar to the beret were worn in the Bronze Age.  What we know today as the "French" and "Spanish" beret come from the south of France in the province of BĂ©arn and the Basque country in Spain.

Size is important but more important is how it's worn on the head and how it's shaped.  It can be worn pushed forward (farmer style):

Or sitting centered on the head:

Or pushed to one side or the other: