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Easter 2016


More boots

Dear Diary, Angelo:  I have such a cool papa!  A fortnight ago, Adam had a present of new boots.  I was very happy for him because he still doesn't have many shoes and boots.  I couldn't be jealous because I have lots of them.  So, I was very surprised when a package for me arrived from Hong Kong.
Imagine - not 1 but 3 pairs of boots!  These are the finest boots, or shoes for that matter, that I own.  They are so well-made and fit me perfectly.  The scale and attention to detail is fantastic.  

I am such a spoiled boy!  Good thing Papa likes his boys to have lots of fashionable clothing, and that includes footwear.

Swanning around

Dear Diary, Adam:  This weekend we went on a 4 day extended weekend.  Jesse and his hubby had just celebrated their 35th anniversary and decided a short holiday was in order.   Being part of the family, Angelo and I went along to see the sights.  For those who don't speak British English, "swanning around" means to be carefree, doing exactly as one likes.  This is what the four of us did for four days.  We drove south of where we live, to a place called Lake Waihola.  We stayed at the Black Swan motel, named for the beautiful black swans who live on and around the lake.  
We loved watching the swans swimming and eating.  They weren't far off-shore and they seemed to be used to people watching them.
When we checked-in at our motel, we found more swans waiting for us. 
The next day we brought a picnic lunch and sat at the shore in the sun to enjoy the ambience of the place.  While we were eating, a man came by with his dog.  The dog loved to swim and every time his master …


Dear Diary, Adam:  Things are looking up in the clothing department for me, thanks to Cynthia on the Carpatina Yahoo Group.  Jesse posted a question, asking how well the Kidz n Cats boy clothes might fit me.  Cynthia, who has both boy dolls, tested the clothes and replied that they fit just fine.  Jesse then did an internet search and found a pair of boots and leggings for me.  They are made by Heart & Soul and came from a company in Germany. The boots are very nicely made with a zipper up the back.  They are a snug fit but I don't mind.  As you can see in the photo above, the tights don't fit too well; they are more like 'low-riders' in the crotch.  I hope the pants fit better.  The pair of boots are made for the right and the left foot, unlike many of the generic 18" doll-sized shoes which can be worn on either foot.  The tights are sheer and I had to pull them up tightly (you can see my toes in this photo) so the crotch wasn't down to my knees.  I haven'…