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Advice from billy connolley

Never trust a man who,

when left alone with a tea cosy,

doesn't try it on.

Letter: mondrian puddle boy

Dear Diary,
Adam:  Another letter from Minneapolis - yeah!
Dear Adam and Angelo -
Our little friend Emile recently became part of our family.  Emile is from France and he's a very charming and outgoing boy, although he can be quite outspoken in his opinions.  We quickly learned not to get Emile and Giancarlo into a debate on the merits of French vs. Italian culture.

Emile believes that a daily stroll is a quintessential Parisian activity.  He will not forgo his walks, no matter what the weather is like.

Even though it has been rainy and overcast here, everyday Emile takes his umbrella and raincoat and goes for a stroll around the garden.

Emile is a very colorful little boy in many respects, and we have become quite fond of him.
Take care.

Trio in triplicate

Dear Diary, Jesse:  The other day I was at the haberdashery, looking at the knitting wools, when I saw this discontinued yarn, marked down by two thirds.  That was a great deal so I bought 3 skeins which meant I could knit three garments for the price of one.  
The boys went out to the garden to get their photos taken.  Today was the first sunny day we've had in a fortnight and we were keen to enjoy it.

Travelling with henry

Dear Diary,
Angelo: Living on a small island at the bottom of the globe means that everywhere is overseas, including going to the North Island of New Zealand.  Consequently, we don't get abroad very often and I have to travel vicariously with my friends.
Henry is my friend who lives in England.  He gets to go to so many wonderful places!  I love to read his blog so I can go along with him.  His mum takes fantastic photos and I see things I'd never have the opportunity to see otherwise.  
I watch for the updates.  Today, I discovered that Henry has been on the road again, this time to Cornwall to visit the Tintagel castle.  Wow!  History all over the place: kings, castles, knights, and folklore.
If you want to go travelling while staying in the comfort of your home, then I suggest you visit Holidays with Henry at:

Safe travels, Henry!


Dear Diary,
Simon:  Our friends in Minneapolis, USA, have written to us and we always enjoy their letters.  Now, they have started a new way of letting us know what's going on at their house - a blog.  It's called Gregoropolis and can be found at .  The blog is the story of a houseful of Sasha Gregor dolls and their two dads.Armand:  We enjoy reading it on a regular basis.  Today, we all got together to read the update.

Adam: Daddy Steve and Daddy John are so creative and their blog is so clever!  We give them an A+. (Also, if you look closely, you'll see that Armand and I are wearing matching jumpers, just knitted for us by Jesse).
Angelo: Now we can enjoy reading about Henry in England and all the Sasha boys in the USA.  I love all the "international travel"! (And, if you look even more closely, you'll see the new jumper Papa knitted for me out of left-over yarns.)

Elevensies for armand

Dear Diary,
Armand:  It's all been very exciting, what with my arrival in New Zealand and then my introduction into my new family.  Everyone has been so kind to me and I feel like a part of life here already.  Pops (Jesse) and the boys put on elevensies to welcome me.  I can't think of a more traditional British-inspired 'ceremony' to mark this event.
Angelo:  It was my duty to serve the food.  We had homemade crumpets with jams made from the raspberries and black currents in our garden.  There was a wonderful Armenian nutmeg cake, baked this morning.  Then, there were the mandatory crustless sandwiches, made with a variety of different ingredients.

Armand:  Because I was the guest of honour, I was given the special duty of pouring the tea.  It is called 'East Frisian' which is a mix of India teas, mixed in Germany.  No tea bags allowed in our house!  Notice that large brown betty teapot.  It's an authentic ALB (Alcock, Linley & Bloor) from England.
Adam:  …