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Mushrooms or martians?

Dear Diary,
Angelo:  This morning I got up early to get a head start on the day.  When I looked outside, I couldn't believe my eyes!  There, in the middle of the yard was something which hadn't been there before (or at least I don't think it was).  I was scared to go outside to look by myself, so I work up Adam to come and see for himself.  Cautiously, we went outside.

Needless to say, I was very reluctant to go too close.  
Adam: I went outside to see this thing growing in our yard.  I decided I'd better look around for others.  I went into the secret garden and about died of fright!

Angelo:  Both Adam and I ran to the house to get papa.  We made him get out of bed and come outside to see that overnight we'd been invaded by Martians.  It turns out we were kind of wrong.
Adam: They weren't from outer space at all.  They were just giant puff mushrooms.  Jesse pulled them out and threw them into the rubbish.  When they're ready, they break open and the breezes bl…