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How many friedbalds are enough?

Dear Diary,
After the month in Europe, my uncle (Vati's husband) travelled to the USA for 2 months. He has just returned, bearing gifts for Vati. It seems that he was able to purchase, for a very reasonable price, another Deutsches Kind VIII, Friedebald. Mein Vati was very pleased.  He isn't collecting them but won't turn down the offer of an exceptional example.

Vati has been researching to see what clues he might find to the newest boy's date and identity. So far, nothing concrete.  He wonders if this doll was made at Bad Kosen, basing this guess on the clothes which are vintage and factory-made but not as old as 1929. The boy is in excellent condition with a near-mint body and hair and only a slight nose rub.  The face painting is also excellent.

The fascinating aspect is how different our faces look.  Is it the same mould? Certainly, the colours and the amount of paint used varies from doll to doll. Naked, it would be simple to identify which doll is which.

So, how man…