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Thursday, 30 April 2015

Back to front yellow knitwear

Dear Diary,

Adam: When I arrived here, I had the clothes on my back and a suit. The people at the Carpatina Doll Company made a mistake in the order and sent the Robin Hood costume instead of the Casual Chic outfit. I really don't see myself running around in the green tights so I found my wardrobe severely limited. Angelo gave me a cardigan which was too large for him as well as an over-sized T shirt.  Jesse reordered the Casual Chic outfit with shoes but they are coming via an US address so I have to wait. All in all, a rather dismal situation.

"My eyes are glazed over from concentrating on all these small stitches!"

I decided to take matters in to my own hands, as it were, and knit a jumper for myself. This was easier said than done. I didn't have a pattern to fit me so I had to try to adapt a pattern I had. It is knitted from the top-down with raglan sleeves so it's all in one piece. Since I never wear any top which has to be pulled over my head, this jumper had to have an opening down the back. This is practical as one garment serves two functions: cardigan and jumper.

"This is when I feel like wearing a cardigan."

This was easy to knit and when it was finished and I tried it on, I was fairly pleased with the final product. It's not perfect by any means.  It has what I'd call a “peasant shirt” style which works fine. I thought that my sandals would complete the counter-cultural look!

"This is me in the jumper option." 

Now, it's time to rethink the pattern and see how I can make it more form-fitting. In reality, what I need is for a professional knitter to make a pattern for me. I've looked online for patterns but they are all for the AG doll so they won't fit any better than what I made. Maybe someone will offer their services.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

What we love most

"Our feelings, exactly!"

Dear Diary,

Jesse: A technical note:  In case you think I was drinking when I took this photo, you're wrong.  The painting is straight!  

I re-took this photo many times with always the same result: a crooked-looking painting. In desperation, I put a level on the painting and it shows perfectly level. There are some possible reasons for it looking crooked.  1. The floor is not level. 2. My head is not on straight. 3. My vision has gone wonky. 4. There is a computer/camera glitch. 5. It's really level - it's all in your imagination!

Friday, 10 April 2015

To know me is to love me

Dear Diary,

Adam: I've been a bit despondent over all the bitchy things doll people have written about me on the internet and on Amazon. Some have called me creepy and grotesque, others a pedophile, others liken me to a ax murder or a sexual predator; there have even been allegations that I inseminated a doll. All lies!

I have to admit my self esteem has been bruised.

I don't understand why they say these things because they've never met me in person. Jesse explained to me that he knows from experience how nasty and unreasonably critical doll collectors can be, making unkind remarks and pretending to be experts, forgetting that dolls are meant to be playthings. He has advised me to ignore them like he does. Their opinions don't matter because they don't know what they're talking about and anyway, they don't even know ME!

"Cheer up, Adam.  You mustn't let these people get to you!"

I was thinking I'd never have a home when suddenly Jesse ordered me from Carpatina. He didn't want another boy doll because he has Angelo. He wasn't interested in the male fashion dolls who are young and great looking with buff bodies. His search was for a mature-looking doll with strong facial features and a solid look. After a search of the internet, he decided that my looks exactly fit the bill. Jesse said he wanted a doll he could play with, not one to keep on the shelf or in the box.

If you look carefully, you can see the smile on my lips!

Now, Jesse is so happy with me. He is glad he didn't let others influence his thinking; he told me I'm all he had hoped for. His best compliment is that I am someone he can talk to. Jesse and Angelo are my best friends; they have excitedly made me feel at home.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

I am home at last

Dear Diary,

Adam: I've been on the road a long time - 15 days to be exact.  I was ticketed for my trip on the 23 March and left the US on the 27 March, arriving in Auckland, NZ on the 30 March. I have no idea where I have been since arriving in New Zealand but it took until 7 April before I arrived at my new home.  I wonder if the postal workers know the meaning of the word "priority" in USPS Priority Mail...

I arrive unceremoniously by post.
When the postie put my box into the letter box, I felt a sense of relief come over me. For the past 8 days I've wondered what my new home would be like and at times I feared I might be lost and I'd never make it to my destination.  But, at last I was here - home!

On the way home today, Jesse got this text message, "Someone came from the States to live with you today!"  This was welcome news.  Angelo has been waiting for me, not always very patiently he'll admit.  Once the box was safely inside, Jesse and Angelo stood back to look at it, both feeling excited and keen to open it.  Jesse was calm but Angelo was very keen and grew impatient.

"Hurry up Papa and open the box!"
Jesse got the box cutter and carefully opened the outer box, removing the inner gift box.  He set it up so he could look at it.  He was taking his time; after all, it had been a long and disappointing wait.

I was inside and unable to communicate.

Angelo began to get worried when no sound came from inside the box.  He tried to look inside to see if I was there.

"Hello?  Adam?  Are you in there?"
"OK, Angelo," Jesse said.  "Let's open it up and have a look at Adam.  Ready?"

"NRFB be damned!  Set me free!"

I was keen to get out of the box and to be a part of the family.  I knew that until this happened, I wouldn't be real.  I already liked Jesse and Angelo but I couldn't tell them until I was enlivened.

"I'm alive!"

Jesse untied the ribbons holding me down and removed the plastic bag.  He carefully lifted me from the box and stood me up.  "He's a very handsome bloke, don't you think Angelo?" Jesse asked.  "I'm very happy to have bought him."   I was elated!  All I could do was lift my arms and shout.  Jesse has always believed that dolls are for playing and that can't happen if they remain in their box.  

As the famous dollier Robert Tonner once said, 

"If you don't take dolls out of their box, they never have a life.” 

Monday, 6 April 2015

Orchard Harvest Time

Dear Diary,

Angelo: This is April and the last day of the Easter holiday. While in the northern hemisphere spring is in full bloom, here in the southern hemisphere we are in the middle of autumn. The weather is still lovely and the trees are just beginning to turn colours.

It's harvest time for us and we have been busy gathering in the vegetables. The early vegetables, like garlic, onions, radishes, carrots, potatoes and the like, have already been harvested.  The tomatoes continue to ripen along with the squash and pumpkins. There are Jerusalem artichokes to pull up and process. The strawberries are still blossoming and ripening but they have to be picked quickly as they mould very fast. The next batch of scarlet runner beans is almost ready to be picked.

"Apples, peaches and pears - O my!"

The orchard has been giving us fruit for a while now. We just picked some more fruit as you can see in the photo. This is just a small amount of what we get from our 12 trees of different types of fruit. Although I am short, I still help by picking up apples, peaches and pears which have fallen to the ground. The baskets are just too heavy for me to carry; maybe when Adam gets here we will be able to carry one together.  All this fruit will be bottled (canned in US terminology) very soon so we have lovely fruit all year long.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Waiting for Adam Carpatina

Dear Diary,

Angelo: I am so excited because I won't be the only boy doll here for much longer!  Papa has arranged for a new boy, Adam Carpatina to come to live with us.  He will be our friend and will share our life together. It's great to think that soon I'll have some doll companionship. Humans are wonderful but only a doll can understand the inner workings of another doll.

"Oi! Mr Postie!  Over here! Do you have a parcel for us today?"

Every arvo for the past week I've waited at the window, watching for the postie to arrive with a parcel from the doll company.  And, every day I've been disappointed - nothing.  Adam is long overdue and each day Papa and I are excited in the morning but despondent in the evening.  "Patience, Angelo; patience!"  Well, that's easy to say. Now, it's a holiday weekend and I have to wait 2 more days until we have mail delivery again. Fingers crossed!

Welcome to New Zealand!

Hello!  My name is Angelo Sasha.

Dear Diary,

Angelo: I started life in the early 1970s as Gregor Sport by Sasha Morgenthaler. From that time until I came to live with my papa, Jesse, in 2000 when he purchased me from Nancy at “Let's Play Dolls”, I spent my entire life in my original box.   

From the minute Papa opened the box, I have always been his favourite doll. Over the past 16 years we have had many adventures together. At one time, before FaceBook, I had my own PictureTrail called Angelo's World where I shared my life with people. That site has been closed for a long time now.  But, it was lots of fun and we've decided to do a modern blog.

My papa loves me dearly and tells me that I have a face everyone can relate to, no matter the age, race or gender. He says that's the special charisma my grandmother Sasha M gave to me.    

I'm glad for this gift.