To know me is to love me

Dear Diary,

Adam: I've been a bit despondent over all the bitchy things doll people have written about me on the internet and on Amazon. Some have called me creepy and grotesque, others a pedophile, others liken me to a ax murder or a sexual predator; there have even been allegations that I inseminated a doll. All lies!

I have to admit my self esteem has been bruised.

I don't understand why they say these things because they've never met me in person. Jesse explained to me that he knows from experience how nasty and unreasonably critical doll collectors can be, making unkind remarks and pretending to be experts, forgetting that dolls are meant to be playthings. He has advised me to ignore them like he does. Their opinions don't matter because they don't know what they're talking about and anyway, they don't even know ME!

"Cheer up, Adam.  You mustn't let these people get to you!"

I was thinking I'd never have a home when suddenly Jesse ordered me from Carpatina. He didn't want another boy doll because he has Angelo. He wasn't interested in the male fashion dolls who are young and great looking with buff bodies. His search was for a mature-looking doll with strong facial features and a solid look. After a search of the internet, he decided that my looks exactly fit the bill. Jesse said he wanted a doll he could play with, not one to keep on the shelf or in the box.

If you look carefully, you can see the smile on my lips!

Now, Jesse is so happy with me. He is glad he didn't let others influence his thinking; he told me I'm all he had hoped for. His best compliment is that I am someone he can talk to. Jesse and Angelo are my best friends; they have excitedly made me feel at home.

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