I am home at last

Dear Diary,

Adam: I've been on the road a long time - 15 days to be exact.  I was ticketed for my trip on the 23 March and left the US on the 27 March, arriving in Auckland, NZ on the 30 March. I have no idea where I have been since arriving in New Zealand but it took until 7 April before I arrived at my new home.  I wonder if the postal workers know the meaning of the word "priority" in USPS Priority Mail...

I arrive unceremoniously by post.
When the postie put my box into the letter box, I felt a sense of relief come over me. For the past 8 days I've wondered what my new home would be like and at times I feared I might be lost and I'd never make it to my destination.  But, at last I was here - home!

On the way home today, Jesse got this text message, "Someone came from the States to live with you today!"  This was welcome news.  Angelo has been waiting for me, not always very patiently he'll admit.  Once the box was safely inside, Jesse and Angelo stood back to look at it, both feeling excited and keen to open it.  Jesse was calm but Angelo was very keen and grew impatient.

"Hurry up Papa and open the box!"
Jesse got the box cutter and carefully opened the outer box, removing the inner gift box.  He set it up so he could look at it.  He was taking his time; after all, it had been a long and disappointing wait.

I was inside and unable to communicate.

Angelo began to get worried when no sound came from inside the box.  He tried to look inside to see if I was there.

"Hello?  Adam?  Are you in there?"
"OK, Angelo," Jesse said.  "Let's open it up and have a look at Adam.  Ready?"

"NRFB be damned!  Set me free!"

I was keen to get out of the box and to be a part of the family.  I knew that until this happened, I wouldn't be real.  I already liked Jesse and Angelo but I couldn't tell them until I was enlivened.

"I'm alive!"

Jesse untied the ribbons holding me down and removed the plastic bag.  He carefully lifted me from the box and stood me up.  "He's a very handsome bloke, don't you think Angelo?" Jesse asked.  "I'm very happy to have bought him."   I was elated!  All I could do was lift my arms and shout.  Jesse has always believed that dolls are for playing and that can't happen if they remain in their box.  

As the famous dollier Robert Tonner once said, 

"If you don't take dolls out of their box, they never have a life.” 

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