Trio in triplicate

Dear Diary,

Jesse:  The other day I was at the haberdashery, looking at the knitting wools, when I saw this discontinued yarn, marked down by two thirds.  That was a great deal so I bought 3 skeins which meant I could knit three garments for the price of one.  

The boys went out to the garden to get their photos taken.  Today was the first sunny day we've had in a fortnight and we were keen to enjoy it.

That's a whole lot of orange!  

Most of the plants in the beds were selected for bees and birds.

And to think this was just a spindly stick last spring when it was planted.

Soon the bees will arrive to work over these blossoms.

Have basket, will travel.


  1. The boys are looking sharp! Those sweaters would complement the autumn leaves and Halloween pumpkins up here. I explained the difference in seasons between the US and New Zealand to Benjamin Roy and Pete Dakota; they would like to know if you get any snow during your winter.

  2. Beautiful colored yarn. It's nice you chose flowers with bees in mind. They need our help.

  3. Very smart cardigans! The colour is lovely.
    Armand looks so happy he has a life again. Most people are too scared they might damage their antique dolls, so they never play with them. It's great that Armand can join the others in the garden and doesn't have to stay in a doll stand.


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