Dear Diary,

Simon:  Our friends in Minneapolis, USA, have written to us and we always enjoy their letters.  Now, they have started a new way of letting us know what's going on at their house - a blog.  It's called Gregoropolis and can be found at .  The blog is the story of a houseful of Sasha Gregor dolls and their two dads.

Armand:  We enjoy reading it on a regular basis.  Today, we all got together to read the update.

"Look at the pretty colours!"

Adam at the controls.

Benjamin Roy got a new puppy.

Adam: Daddy Steve and Daddy John are so creative and their blog is so clever!  We give them an A+. (Also, if you look closely, you'll see that Armand and I are wearing matching jumpers, just knitted for us by Jesse).

Angelo: Now we can enjoy reading about Henry in England and all the Sasha boys in the USA.  I love all the "international travel"! (And, if you look even more closely, you'll see the new jumper Papa knitted for me out of left-over yarns.)

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