Elevensies for armand

Dear Diary,

Armand:  It's all been very exciting, what with my arrival in New Zealand and then my introduction into my new family.  Everyone has been so kind to me and I feel like a part of life here already.  Pops (Jesse) and the boys put on elevensies to welcome me.  I can't think of a more traditional British-inspired 'ceremony' to mark this event.

Angelo:  It was my duty to serve the food.  We had homemade crumpets with jams made from the raspberries and black currents in our garden.  There was a wonderful Armenian nutmeg cake, baked this morning.  Then, there were the mandatory crustless sandwiches, made with a variety of different ingredients.

Elevensies at our house.

This calls for some of the good china, linen and silver!

The table is set for tea time. Notice the homemade crumpets on the top plate.

Angelo serves the food.

"I'd like a cucumber and tomato sandwich, please Angelo."
Armand:  Because I was the guest of honour, I was given the special duty of pouring the tea.  It is called 'East Frisian' which is a mix of India teas, mixed in Germany.  No tea bags allowed in our house!  Notice that large brown betty teapot.  It's an authentic ALB (Alcock, Linley & Bloor) from England.

"I'll be mother."
Adam:  We had such a nice time, talking, eating and drinking tea.  Luckily, this was our lunch; I was so full I couldn't have eaten another bite.  Formal tradition really is lovely.  High tea (really it's low tea but that's for another time) is a tradition we won't forgo in our house.

Jesse: I guess this should be called a 'jumped-up elevensies' because traditionally it is just a cup of tea and a small snack, like a biscuit.  But, none-the-less, it was a a most enjoyable event.

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