Letter: mondrian puddle boy

Dear Diary,

Adam:  Another letter from Minneapolis - yeah!

Dear Adam and Angelo -

Our little friend Emile recently became part of our family.  Emile is from France and he's a very charming and outgoing boy, although he can be quite outspoken in his opinions.  We quickly learned not to get Emile and Giancarlo into a debate on the merits of French vs. Italian culture.

Emile believes that a daily stroll is a quintessential Parisian activity.  He will not forgo his walks, no matter what the weather is like.

Even though it has been rainy and overcast here, everyday Emile takes his umbrella and raincoat and goes for a stroll around the garden.

Emile is a very colorful little boy in many respects, and we have become quite fond of him.

Take care.


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