Travelling with henry

Dear Diary,

Angelo: Living on a small island at the bottom of the globe means that everywhere is overseas, including going to the North Island of New Zealand.  Consequently, we don't get abroad very often and I have to travel vicariously with my friends.

"Computers bring the world into my home."
Henry is my friend who lives in England.  He gets to go to so many wonderful places!  I love to read his blog so I can go along with him.  His mum takes fantastic photos and I see things I'd never have the opportunity to see otherwise.  

"I enjoy my time travelling with Henry."
I watch for the updates.  Today, I discovered that Henry has been on the road again, this time to Cornwall to visit the Tintagel castle.  Wow!  History all over the place: kings, castles, knights, and folklore.

Henry in Cornwall
If you want to go travelling while staying in the comfort of your home, then I suggest you visit Holidays with Henry at:

"I need to send Henry a message to tell him how much I enjoyed this trip."

Safe travels, Henry!

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