Our daily bread

Dear Diary,

Adam:  Today was my day to make bread for the family.  

It's an easy job because we use the no-knead method of Jeff Hertzberg and keep the dough stored in the refrigerator until we want to bake some bread or rolls.  I just took this out of the oven and Angelo came to check it out.  He loves bread; it must be his Italian heritage.

"Take the lid off, Adam, so we can see it.  I can already smell it and my mouth is watering!"

I was delighted to see how well it had raised ('oven spring') and how nicely brown and crispy the crust is.  It's a 2 pound loaf.

"Oooo - that looks yummy!"

Now, we need to cool the loaf for several hours before cutting it.  Angelo gets impatient and wants to eat it now.  I have to always explain to him that the bread isn't done baking until it's cool.  Patience, Angelo!

"I've got the knife and I'll run and get the butter!"

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