Boy story: breaking down stereotypes 1 doll + 1 boy at a time

Dear Diary,

Jesse: Boy Story is a doll company with a worthwhile mission for boys everywhere.  

The company has the following 2 goals:

1. Play! And play some more. And have fun while you're at it! 

2. Break down stereotypes!

Watch these videos: 

Visit their site:

I purchased one of these dolls because I want to support this  exceptional effort. This isn't just about making boy dolls available; it's about making it possible - and acceptable - for boys to play with dolls. I wonder how my own childhood would have differed had this philosophy of play been available to my parents.  I look forward to Mason's arrival.


  1. Looking forward to his arrival as well and your thoughts on him. This is so important, boys should be allowed to play with dolls as much as girls if they want to. I am so glad my boys had the opportunity to, and how much better it would have been if dolls like this had been available?!

  2. Coincidentally, I've been looking into these dolls too very recently. I actually immediately thought of you, and that they would fit in with your crew very well :-).
    What these two sisters accomplished is amazing. Not only is the message wonderful, but the design of the two dolls is brilliant.
    I have a feeling that more and more dolls for boys will appear on the market, and that it will be more and more accepted that boys play with dolls too, thanks to initiatives like this.
    It's about time that old-fashioned opinions start disappearing, especially if they make no sense at all :-).
    I really look forward to the arrival of Mason!

  3. Good for you! I bet you are excited Mason is joining your team! Happy 2017!

  4. wonderful story, and many of the comments and insights were spot on. Perhaps if some of our political leaders had played with dolls as children, they would have grown up to be more compassionate, and fair adults.

  5. I have their Billy doll. His jointed limbs allow me to pose him in a lot of fun ways. Right now he is sitting in a chair and playing the guitar, something none of my other dolls can do.

  6. A wonderful concept indeed. Boys should be "allowed" to play with dolls. I remember my next door neighbour who was a boy played with Barbies. He used to bring his dolls over to my house. My sister and I thought it was great to have a boy play dolls with us!

    1. Hello fellow Kiwi! It's exciting to have another New Zealander reading my blog. I"m enjoying reading your Vintage New Zealand blog and I've added it to my blog list.


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