Boys with dolls

Dear Diary,

Jesse: This blog is intended to encourage guys to actively play with their dolls.  It's geared to blokes but by extension, it can also be an encouragement for lads, too.

I found these two items on Pinterest and wanted to share them here. 

This is the story of how a mother transformed a girl doll into a boy doll for her son's birthday.

This is about a boy doll available for purchase to the general public: 

Remember, it doesn't matter what kind of dolls are chosen. Action, fashion BJD, male, female,collectible, childhood - they are all equally valid.  It's all about playing with your dolls. 


  1. Exactly! My son played with dolls when he was young until just before his teens and I remember some of my husband's friends frowning upon it - so silly as my son (and a friend of his) got a lot of enjoyment out of those dolls.

  2. Awesome story! Playing with dolls is not just a girl/boy/child/adult thing - it's a human thing. I love how the little boy named his doll "Fred Jones".

  3. Thank you Jesse for sharing the links! The mom made a lovely doll, and her son was so happy :-). Dolls are for everyone, like Steve wrote.

  4. My husband had a doll pram as a little boy - that was in the late fifties, so his parents were well ahead of their time! But they didn't give him a "girl's" doll to play with, instead he had a Steiff dwarf and a chimpanzee to push along in that pram.
    I used to have a large box of Matchbox cars as a child. I knew all car brands then - but it were mostly the other kids who frowned upon that.


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