Swanning around

Dear Diary,

Adam:  This weekend we went on a 4 day extended weekend.  Jesse and his hubby had just celebrated their 35th anniversary and decided a short holiday was in order.   Being part of the family, Angelo and I went along to see the sights.  

For those who don't speak British English, "swanning around" means to be carefree, doing exactly as one likes.  This is what the four of us did for four days.  We drove south of where we live, to a place called Lake Waihola.  We stayed at the Black Swan motel, named for the beautiful black swans who live on and around the lake.  
It was difficult to get good photos because they kept dunking their heads in the water to feed.

Did you know that the Crown (Queen Elizabeth II) retains the right to ownership of all unmarked mute swans?
We loved watching the swans swimming and eating.  They weren't far off-shore and they seemed to be used to people watching them.

When we checked-in at our motel, we found more swans waiting for us. 

"Are they real or towels?"
"Hello.  I've never been this close to a swan before!"
"I hope they aren't planning to sleep here in our bed tonight!"
The next day we brought a picnic lunch and sat at the shore in the sun to enjoy the ambience of the place.  While we were eating, a man came by with his dog.  The dog loved to swim and every time his master threw a stick into the lake, the dog eagerly jumped in and swam out to retrieve it.  They repeated this many times and the dog never tired of the game.

"Look, Angelo - over there!  See the dog swimming in the water.  He's bringing back the stick."
Good dog!
Angelo: We had a lot of fun, driving around the area, shopping and picnicking.   We really did just "swan around"!

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