Easter 2016

Dear Diary,

Angelo:  It's Easter time once again.  I can't believe how quickly time has flown by.  It was just last Easter that I was waiting and waiting and waiting for Adam to arrive.  

Every day, it's my chore to collect the eggs from the hen house (and, recently from the hay stall) and bring them in to the pantry.  I'm pretty much over collecting eggs and I just can't see running around collecting coloured eggs - unless they're chocolate, that is!  So, I've opted out of the traditional Easter egg hunt and gone straight for the good stuff.

"Forget the basket of eggs!  I want chocolate!"

Ok.  I'm wearing silly rabbit ears.  I just want to get into the spirit of the holiday!

Adam:  This is my first Easter in my new home so I decided to join in the fun.  What do you think of my pyjamas?  Jesse bought these last year for Angelo, from someone on eBay.  They were listed to fit a Sasha doll but by the time the parcel had arrived, Easter was long past.  Regrettably, he didn't try them on Angelo before today.  Now, he finds that these are so big they don't fit either Angelo - or even me!  I had to turn up the legs and I'm swimming in them.  But, I can't say I know anyone else with Easter egg PJs and bunny rabbit slippers!  And, Angelo has promised to let me wear the bunny ears next year.

"This guy claims to be the local (retired) Easter Bunny. "

Recently, while thrift store shopping, we found this old guy.  He says that he was the Easter Bunny but had to give it up due to advancing age.  He's a little touchy about the wear and tear on his body; he asks how we'd look after all those years of running around delivering jelly beans and hiding eggs.  I suppose he has a point.

Jesse:  What would Easter be without the traditional hot cross buns?  I have a fantastic recipe by Richard Bertinet, famous European baker and chef.  They are always a treat when served freshly baked and with a nice cup of tea.   They don't hold well so we have to eat them all on the same day (life is tough!)  I make a batch daily from Friday through Monday (our holiday) and give them out to people who live in our little village.

The best part, other than the mixed dried fruits inside, is the strong rum glaze!

You've probably noticed that the crosses are wonky.  I can never make them right. It seems the piping bag and I are not on speaking terms and cannot do anything in a coordinated manner.  Usually, I leave the cross off and call them hot atheist buns.

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