More boots

Dear Diary,

Angelo:  I have such a cool papa!  A fortnight ago, Adam had a present of new boots.  I was very happy for him because he still doesn't have many shoes and boots.  I couldn't be jealous because I have lots of them.  So, I was very surprised when a package for me arrived from Hong Kong.

Imagine - not 1 but 3 pairs of boots!  These are the finest boots, or shoes for that matter, that I own.  They are so well-made and fit me perfectly.  The scale and attention to detail is fantastic.  

These are a burgundy colour.

The zipper is hardly visible in this colour.

These are actually a beige colour and not white.

The zipper is easier to spot in this colour.  

These boots are black.

If you look very closely, you can see the zipper.

The corrugated soles so I won't slip and fall.

I am such a spoiled boy!  Good thing Papa likes his boys to have lots of fashionable clothing, and that includes footwear.

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