Dear Diary,

Adam:  Things are looking up in the clothing department for me, thanks to Cynthia on the Carpatina Yahoo Group.  Jesse posted a question, asking how well the Kidz n Cats boy clothes might fit me.  Cynthia, who has both boy dolls, tested the clothes and replied that they fit just fine.  Jesse then did an internet search and found a pair of boots and leggings for me.  They are made by Heart & Soul and came from a company in Germany.

My new boots shown next to the Carpatina shoe.  I'm wearing the new leggings.
The boots are very nicely made with a zipper up the back.  They are a snug fit but I don't mind.  As you can see in the photo above, the tights don't fit too well; they are more like 'low-riders' in the crotch.  I hope the pants fit better.

The soles of the shoes.
The pair of boots are made for the right and the left foot, unlike many of the generic 18" doll-sized shoes which can be worn on either foot.

Comparison of the boot with my foot.
The tights are sheer and I had to pull them up tightly (you can see my toes in this photo) so the crotch wasn't down to my knees.  I haven't tried the new books with socks yet.

Kidz n Cats on the left; Carpatina on the right.
The width of the two brands is the same; the length is different.

Comparison of the two brands.
The Carpatina loafers are meant to be more fashionable (I suppose) so the toe is longer. 

This now opens up a new source of footwear for me.  Neither Jesse nor I like the generic 
shoes as they are always too large to look right on me.  Now, we just have to find more shoes for boys!

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