Dear Diary,

Adam:  Things are looking up in the clothing department for me, thanks to Cynthia on the Carpatina Yahoo Group.  Jesse posted a question, asking how well the Kidz n Cats boy clothes might fit me.  Cynthia, who has both boy dolls, tested the clothes and replied that they fit just fine.  Jesse then did an internet search and found a pair of boots and leggings for me.  They are made by Heart & Soul and came from a company in Germany.

My new boots shown next to the Carpatina shoe.  I'm wearing the new leggings.
The boots are very nicely made with a zipper up the back.  They are a snug fit but I don't mind.  As you can see in the photo above, the tights don't fit too well; they are more like 'low-riders' in the crotch.  I hope the pants fit better.

The soles of the shoes.
The pair of boots are made for the right and the left foot, unlike many of the generic 18" doll-sized shoes which can be worn on either foot.

Comparison of the boot with my foot.
The tights are sheer and I had to pull them up tightly (you can see my toes in this photo) so the crotch wasn't down to my knees.  I haven't tried the new books with socks yet.

Kidz n Cats on the left; Carpatina on the right.
The width of the two brands is the same; the length is different.

Comparison of the two brands.
The Carpatina loafers are meant to be more fashionable (I suppose) so the toe is longer. 

This now opens up a new source of footwear for me.  Neither Jesse nor I like the generic 
shoes as they are always too large to look right on me.  Now, we just have to find more shoes for boys!


  1. This is good news for Adam, and also of interest to us because...our family has a new member.  While reading through your blog, Sasha and Giancarlo frequently commented on how cool it would be to have an older brother like Adam.  It became a favorite topic of discussion around here, and so, to make a long story short, we sent away for Adam's cousin Carter to come live with us. He recently arrived, and we all couldn't be happier.  He's a handsome, thoughtful, and very mild mannered fellow.  The name Carter really didn't resonate, so he has taken the name Anthony instead.  I think Anthony really completes our family, and he's very happy to be here. 

    Anthony says:

    Being a Carpatina doll, I fully expected to end up rather marginalized in a home filled with girls in frilly princess dresses.  That is, of course, if I found a home at all.  Some downright hateful, nasty things have been said about Carpatina boys.  Imagine my surprise and delight at coming to live with Steve, Sasha and Giancarlo.  I love these guys and I enjoy playing the role of big brother.  I also have to give a big thank you to Adam for showing everyone what great guys we Carpatina boy dolls really are.

    1. Hello Anthony! This is such exciting news for us! We all send you and your family our best wishes and congratulations. I am honoured and humbled that I was able to be a small inspiration towards the decision to bring you to life in a family. Now, tell me, do we call you Anthony or Tony? This is an important question.

      I understand how you felt about ever finding a true home and I know how hurtful people's comments are about us boy Carpatinas. I am certain that they haven't ever even see one of us in person because if they had, they would find us charming. Granted, we are not very photogenic but we make up for it in person. We started out blog to show people how wonderful Carpetina boy dolls actually are. This is our first success story; may there be many more!

      Our wish is for the Carpetina Doll Co to put more effort into their boy dolls. It seems like they have abandoned them as an unsuccessful venture and are just waiting to sell them all and forget about them. I don't think that even they appreciate the freshness their boys bring to the doll world. It is exactly because of our strong features that we stand out in a world of look-alike boy/male dolls. Please, Carpetina, start producing and selling more boy doll outfits and shoes. Put better photos of us on your sites. Promote us! We won't let you down. Your new friend, Adam

  2. Hello Adam -

    Thank you for your kind words. I actually like both Anthony and Tony, but my friends all call me Tony. Sometimes when Giancarlo is feeling silly he calls me Antonio. Steve always calls me Anthony, but parents are like that, aren't they? Steve says that Carpatina boys are handsome in an old fashioned way, rather than the generic blandness that passes for handsome nowadays.

    I completely agree that we Carpatina boy dolls need a bigger assortment of clothes and shoes. My wardrobe situation was particularly dire when I came to live with Steve. After he unpacked me and we became acquainted, one of the first things that we both wanted to do was try on the casual chic outfit that he had ordered for me. This meant taking off the blue polo shirt that I was wearing. It's a nice looking shirt, but not the least bit easy to remove. This is when I learned about one very strongly held opinion in my new home; we absolutely don't like clothes that have to slip over the head. By the time we got the shirt off, both Steve and I were pretty exhausted. It was clear that I would not be wearing that shirt again anytime soon. The casual chic outfit turned out to be a bit of a disappointment. We're not sure if it was just a fluke, but the one we got didn't fit very well. The pants were too tight around my waist and the fly would not close completely. The shirt was really tight around my shoulders (it actually fits Giancarlo quite well). Steve felt really terrible that I was left in just my undershirt. He searched the internet and decided to try clothes designed for Kidz n Cats dolls. Now I have a couple of knit shirts that I really like (and they open in the back). I could use some more shoes, although I'm very happy with my Carpatina loafers.

    I'm delighted to have you, Jesse and Angelo as my friends. Sasha and Giancarlo say hi.


    1. Hi Tony,

      Steve is right to describe us as handsome in an old fashioned way. I think we are distinctive!

      The Carpetina boy doll clothes are inferior at their very best. I imagine that the girl doll clothes are of a better quality. If the girls' outfits were as shoddy as the boys', the company would be out of business. I don't understand why no attention is paid to our clothes. The pants are too tight, the shirts don't fit properly, the buttons are too large and the selection is poor. My original trousers are lined and have a tiny zipper (both positive) but the fit prevents me from sitting fully on my bum unless I unsnap them. Jesse purchased the costumes but I've not yet tried either on; we're saving them for a fancy dress event. Be warned: do not purchase the suit! It looks like it came off-the-rack from Walmart. It is deplorable. The fabric is all wrong, the buttons too large, the trousers don't fit properly. And, besides all that, the necktie is 22" long! It's longer than I am by 4"! I, too, have the blue polo shirt and I won't wear it until I can get the back slit and snaps attached. Both Angelo and I have the rule, like you: no pull-over tops!

      Jesse just purchased some Kidz n Cats clothes for me and we are waiting for them to arrive. He also bought the Carpetina boy doll shirt pattern. Jesse doesn't sew any more but he passed it onto to someone who will make me some new shirts.

      Another thing, avoid anything which is labeled for 18" dolls. It invariably will be too large because it is made for the American Girl doll.

      Before I close, Jesse said to tell your dad to join the Carpeting Yahoo Group. That way, we can connect by email.

      Say hi to your brothers!


    2. PS: I forgot to give credit to Carpetina for the excellent boy doll shoes. These are better than anything as they are stylish and fit perfectly. I wish they'd make more in different styles.

    3. Too bad about the suit. I think the boys would look very dashing in nicely tailored suits. I've requested permission to join the Carpatina Yahoo Group.


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