Wrapped up for autumn

Dear Diary,

Jesse:  Autumn is here and there's a chill in the air.  Hans needed something warm to wear but not heavy like a coat.  I made him three cardigan wraps to keep out the cold.

#1  Green

Just another pumpkin head.
This pattern was purchased off Etsy.  Now, I don't claim to be the sharpest knife in the drawer nor to be the world's most proficient knitter, but I can get by. However, I struggled with this pattern, trying to understand it.  After three garments and multiple attempts, I have come to the conclusion that there are errors in it.  The biggest issue is the way it is written; I found it confusing and not according to the standard style of writing knitting patterns.  Gratefully, the garments came out  satisfactorily, made from up-cycled knitting wool from a local op shop.  I think it's New Zealand wool.  It was the first one I made and it has the look I was after.  The belt is a 6 stitch knitted I-cord.

#2 Black with Speckles

The harvest is almost done.
This is actually outside the vision I have for Hans' clothes, more modern and less traditional.  I modified my plan when I found this yarn because it really does look nice on him.  I call it the 'confetti cardigan'.  Somehow, it reminds me of the 1980s and discos.  The belt is made with a Knitting Nancy by a knitting Nancy [joke].Sometimes it's called French knitting or spool knitting. I have an automated one with a crank handle which churns them out at the speed of light.

#3 Multi-coloured Melange

The end of the strawberry season.
I found this sock yarn stashed with my other sock yarns and for the life of me, I couldn't remember where or when I'd purchased it.  It is an Italian knitting wool called "Signac" by Borgo de' Pazzi.  Italians have some of the most beautiful knitting wools anywhere!  As I came to the sleeves, it became abundantly apparent that I was not going to be able to finish this with only one skien unless I made some modifications.  I made the sleeves three-quarter length and just had enough to bind-off.  I needed some yarn for the belt so I went to a haberdashery I don't often frequent and sure enough, she carries this yarn so I must have purchased it here.  We discussed finding a complimentary colour when she suddenly remembered that she had some of the same colour in the back room.  What were the chances that it would be the same colour and dye lot?  Well, she had a bag of 12 skeins of it! What luck! Back at home, I took out the bind-off and ripped back a bit and then knitted the sleeves to be full length.  The pattern in this yarn is tiny variegation which keeps the colours changing very frequently.  It is called 'melange', something I didn't know before.  The belt is made on my Kreinik Custom Corder.  It makes wonderful cording.

For you knitters, this pattern had two interesting techniques.  First, it is done with a provisional cast-on so the initial part of the collar is attached to the body. Second, the edging of the collar is done with the Swiss edging.  This was the first time I'd ever used this technique and now I always use it for neat and tidy edges. Beginning with these garments, I began to knit the sleeves in the round and thereby eliminate all sewn seams.  This is always how I do people-size garments and I don't know why I stopped doing it this way when I began knitting for the dolls.  I really dislike sewing seams!

Now, on to another pattern and more knitting.

Hans:  I really appreciate all the knitting mein Vati does for me but I wish he'd sew me another pair of short pants or even a pair of trousers.  My legs are getting cold!

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