All the king's horses and all the king's men...

Dear Diary

Jesse:  "Couldn't put Humpty Dumpty back to gather again." Oh dear, we've had an major incident here.  Just like Humpty Dumpty, Armand has had a great fall.  

The boys can tell the story.

Angelo:  I was walking through the house when I heard "Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!"  I ran into the next room and found Armand on the floor.  I asked him what happened.  He replied that he tripped and fell off the table and onto the floor.  He asked me for assistance to stand up because he couldn't do it himself.

Now, Armand is a big boy, if you know what I mean, and I couldn't do it alone so I called for Adam to come to help.

Adam:  I heard Angelo calling my name and he sounded in a panic.  I went into the room and there he was, bent over Armand who was lying flat on his back on the floor.  Armand said he'd fallen and needed help.  Angelo and I lifted him to his feet but he couldn't stand alone.

Armand:  My left hip just wouldn't hold me up and I keep falling over.  Thankfully, Angelo and Adam were there to support me.  It didn't hurt but I was out of the play at the present.

Hans:  I found some crutches for Armand to use.  Vati examined Armand and announced that Armand hadn't just broken his left hip, he'd smashed it.  There was no way to repair the damage and now Armand, like me, would be crippled for life.

Armand:  I'm grateful that, unlike Jack (& Jill) in the nursery rhyme, I didn't break my crown.  The crutches are a bit tricky to manoeuvre but little by little I'm getting the hang of using them.

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