Two squirrels or going nuts

Dear Diary,

Adam:  Over the road from our house are several old walnut trees.  We don't have one because it takes about 10 years to produce and Jesse says he'll most likely be dead by then so why bother?  Anyway, we do love walnuts in the baking and they are so expensive.  We have permission from the property owners to collect the nuts each year.  It's a big job because it's best to collect them after they've fallen to the ground and the grass is always tall and wet.  But this doesn't deter us.  

I do climb the tree to shake it so the nuts which are ready to fall drop to the ground.

Up a tree
Angelo:  I stay on the ground and collect the nuts.  Since I'm shorter than anyone else in our household, I can spot the nuts more quickly and easily than anyone else.

"I'm sure I saw a nut somewhere around here."

"Ah - here it is!"

"My first basket-full.  How many more to go?"

Adam:  Obviously, many more baskets! Here are the final results of our walnut collecting.


Jesse: Obviously, the boys have been busy as beavers - er, squirrels.  And, by the way, we don't have any squirrels in New Zealand.  Now, these baskets will be hung from the ceiling to keep away the mice and also to dry the nuts.  

"Let's get cracking!"
Armand: This year we are cracking last year's nuts.  Being crippled, I couldn't help gather the nuts but I did most of the cracking and shelling.  There are a total of 23 kgs (51 pounds) of nuts.  We filled 3 very large rubbish bins with the shells; they will make great firewood this winter to keep us warm!


  1. Oh wow, that is a lot of nuts! How lucky you are though to be able to collect them. Nothing quite like fresh walnuts collected by yourselves and it is great to be able to collect them each year so you have always got them waiting to be cracked the following year. Looks like this kept the lads busy for quite a while, they must have worked hard.

  2. What an amazing harvest of nuts - definitely gathering nuts in May!

  3. You boys have worked very hard to collect all those nuts. And what a great haul you achieved and a lovely neighbour to allow you to do so.
    It must have been very noisy round yours while all that cracking was going on! But a lovely result and the added bonus of firewood too!

  4. That's fantastic! I love walnuts, but you're right, they are expensive. How lovely of your neighbour to let your boys collect them. I bet the smell of walnut shells burning on the fire is lovely. We too have good neighbours and we do swaps and look after each others veggies when we go away. Well done boys! :) x

  5. What a wonderful harvest Jesse. How do the shells smell when used on the fire? I love your array of basket ware too. Well done boys, good team effort!


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