Invasion of the teutonic blondes

Dear Diary,

Jesse: Just after I purchased Hans, he went missing without a trace and I was nothing short of distraught.  It looked like Hans was forever lost in the post; what was I to do?  I started search eBay daily for a replacement but nothing appeared. Then, one day this Deutsches Kind (the same doll as Hans) appeared and I threw reason to the wind and hit the buy-it-now button. It is impossible to explain the reasoning I used to purchase this doll.  Somewhere in the dark, twisted corridors of my mind is a convoluted tangle of irrational thinking and wacky emotions, which are best left as a secret between my psychiatrist and myself...

Friedebald Kruse

He is a 50 cm tall "Deutsches Kind" by Kathe Kruse, date of manufacture unknown but I've been told it is probably the mid-1930s.  He is dressed in his original clothes and is in an excellent, unplayed-with condition.  The lady in Germany from whom I purchased him, told me that she'd had him in her collection for many years and that the only time he had been undressed was for the auction photos.

Very traditional embroidery on the Lederhose.

Such beautiful knitted cables on the socks.

Following Kathe Kruse's habit of naming this doll after her son whose likeness he bears, I call him Friedebald.  The story goes that when Friedebald was young, a famous artist sculpted his head and it was this sculpture which was used to make the mould for the doll head. His name is a compound word (aren't all German words like that?): Friede = peace + bald = soon because he was born just before the end of WWI.

Unplayed-with and in mint condition.

This photo clearly shows the differences in the two faces.  The mould for the head is exactly the same for both dolls.  The difference comes from the fact that each is painted by a different artist and reflect the artists' moods at the time of painting.

Friedebald and Hans

It goes without saying that he is quite a handsome lad!  He is a cabinet doll, admired by all but an understudy to replace Hans should something awful happen to him. I have absolutely no regret spending the astronomical sum of money for him.

I truly like this boy but my heart belongs to Hans.

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