Hitting the road in comfort and security

Dear Diary,

Jesse:  When I travel, the boys often come along with me. I like them to be safe and secure, but also  discretely carried around for photo ops.  Taking photos is a bit of a pipe dream as I almost never take any when traveling.  We just returned from a 5 day tiki tour around the lower South Island of New Zealand and never did I even take the boys out of their cases, no more take any photos.  Anyway, I can still dream about it and so I have a selection of carriers for them.

BJD carrier

I bought this off eBay from a manufacturer in China.  It is the 1/4 50 cm BJD size and it fits Adam or Angelo perfectly.  I like it because they are safe inside.  It also has a shoulder strap so it can be easily carried around.

Vintage plastic briefcase

I found this in an op shop a month ago. I hesitated to purchase it but now I'm pleased that I did.  Everyone except Armand can ride in it.  It is very sturdy and durable so it's perfect for traveling on the plane.  Everyone knows that a briefcase can it nicely under the seat in front or in the overhead compartment.  It would be difficult for a doll to be damaged while in this case.

Etsy fabric carrier

About 2 years ago I found this on Etsy, made by Twice Loved Dolls (her tag name is "Boy Doll Headquarters").  It was the last one the seller had and I don't know if she makes them any longer.  I immediately was taken by the fabric for obvious reasons!  It has multiple storage pockets and a shoulder strap. It is nicely made but not as discrete as the BJD case.  I use this often for Hans but Adam and Angelo fit nicely inside it.

Old musical instrument case

A year ago, while rummaging through a junk shop, I came across this discarded musical instrument case.  I don't know what instrument is used to house (I bet Henry's mum knows) but it is perfect for the boys.  It is still lined with black velvet. Like the plastic briefcase, this is exceptionally durable and provides safe travel.  In my shopping, I've come across a number of musical instrument cases but not one this long.

Vintage cosmetics travel case

This has been around for as long as Angelo has been; it's his original and current travel case.  It was a ladies' cosmetics case and is in superb condition.  I did remove the mirror as the silver backing had deteriorated.  This is perfect as Angelo can fit inside along with some changes of outfits.  This, like the briefcase and musical instrument case is very sturdy.  As it is smaller than either of those, this would be ideal if traveling on an airplane.

Old locking case

This is another find in the same junk shop where I found the musical instrument case.  I love cases with locks and keys so I was attracted to this immediately.  I had absolutely no use for it but I knew that Armand would fit into it - but only just.  It is made of some kind of stiff and strong cardboard material so it's sturdy but could be crushed.  This is the only case I've been able to find for Armand.  Angelo can also fit inside.  

I suppose I've gone a bit overboard but those who know me know that I love the accessories!  And, it's good to be prepared in case the travel bug bites.

Happy trails!

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