Commencing nini studio doll "chilly day": a rogues' gallery

Dear Diary,

Jesse:  I have just had an email from Jonny in which he tells  me that he has begun work on my boy doll.  We can all watch on Facebook the creative process Jonny will use to make "Chilly Day" boy a reality.  I've never had a doll specially made for me - it's quite a new experience.  It's a pleasure to share this with my followers.

I thought that now it would be fun to look at how Jonny has brought his other boy dolls to life, from sketch to doll.  This isn't a rogues' gallery in the strictest sense; none of these boys are shady characters!  I am just having some word fun to describe this list of 'mug shots'.


Jacques v

Sergei viii

A Memory of Gene xiii

New York Newsy xvi

Chilly Day xxi

What an adventure this is turning out to be!  Stay tuned and be sure to check Nini Dolls Facebook page for updates.

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