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Dear Diary,

I love this photo!

Jesse:  The arrival of Hans has triggered a deluge of childhood memories inside my head and has got me thinking overtime about the entire 'boys playing with dolls' debate.  I just celebrated (in a big way!) my 65th birthday which, if you count backwards, will tell you that I was brought up in the toxic 1950s and early 1960s.  I can find nothing nostalgic about those times; re-naming them "mid-last century" doesn't make anything about them attractive.  I don't blame my parents for how they raised me; they, like us today, were victims of their times.  This video tells my story. It has been staged to look like the 1950s; I recognise the clothes, the truck and even the doll:

For years I worked to get over the scars of being different. Now, I capitalise on my age and I no longer care what anyone thinks. 

I wasn't as fortunate as some boys, like my friend Steve who, when he was a boy, was given a Sasha Gregor and encouraged to play with it (lucky lad!).  My situation was 100% opposite; while Steve was allowed to have a doll, I could only wish for the same. It wasn't until I was in my early 40's that I overrode my programming and started to collect and play with dolls. I am so glad that I did. Today, I'm having all the fun playing with dolls which I was denied as a child.

Using this humble blog as my medium, I do my own very tiny part to encourage men and boys to play openly with their dolls and for parents to discard gender-specific toys and play.  

The next video is from Stuff Mom Never Told You - How Stuff Works, the Ask Cristin file.  She's a bit loud but makes good points.

The next two videos are by Mikki Willis, a mult-award winning filmmaker.  Not long ago, he posted a video about his son playing with a Littlest Mermaid doll. The video went viral many times over and unleashed a storm of controversy.  


The debate, which aired on American national television, can be watched on YouTube if you're interested.

This video is an older and very cute animated cartoon with music and singing:

The final video is a short film titled Barbie Boy.  It excellently done and has a poignant message for those who know the violence of gender stereotypes.  Please watch it:

I hope that the messages in these videos have been received by my readers.  The number of reads of this diary have increased steadily over the past 18 months and I value all my readers, both men and women, young and old.  I hope that among the readers are men who find here the encouragement to go ahead and play with dolls. 

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