Armchair travels

Dear Diary,

Jesse:  It's not easy to find the proper size chair for my boys so when I saw this chair on Etsy, I knew it was for us. 

It's not the usual run-of-the-mill furniture for 18" dolls.  This is handmade, old and very unique.  I was certain that it would fit the boys perfectly and so I couldn't pass it up.

Its journey to New Zealand was an interesting one.  It spent 5 days moving across Florida before departing the USA on 13 December.  It then travelled 4,315 miles, reaching Santiago Chile a day later. 

Rock ledge, Florida USA to Santiago, Chile: 4,315 miles

Why it went to Chile is anyone's guess but a day later it left Chile and headed for New Zealand.  I was worried that the parcel had been strapped to the back of a burro and it was coming across the Andes.  However, 4 days and 9,664 miles later, it arrived in Auckland, finally reaching me on 20 December. 

Santiago Chile to Auckland, New Zealand: 9,664 miles

This voyage covered a total of 13,979 miles; if the parcel had gone from Florida to Los Angeles and then to Auckland, the total miles would have been 9,077, 4,902 fewer miles!

Who can know the mind of the postal service?

All these miles are wearing me out and giving me jetlag - I think I'll have to sit down!

"I'll climb up here and try this chair on for size."
"A perfect fit!"

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