Attention! Nini studio boy doll under construction

Dear Diary,
Jesse:  Sometime last year, my friend Daddy Steve at Gregoropolis sent me the link to the website for Nini Dolls (see 'Recommended Sites' at the left).  I opened the site and when I saw the dolls my jaw dropped to the floor!  I couldn't believe the stunning studio dolls I was looking at.  Immediately, I said to myself "I must have one of them!"  I couldn't get the dolls out of my mind and I kept returning to look at them.  Not long afterward, another friend, Henry's Mum, Lorraine at Friends of Rose Cottage and Holidays with Henry, sent me photos and told me about her great pleasure with her newly acquired Nini doll.  It was then that I started to follow Nini Dolls on Facebook (I don't have my own account so I had to hack my husband's).  I followed the progress of each doll, from inception to completion. 

Last week a sketch of a boy titled 'Chilly Day' was posted on the Facebook page and I assumed it would become a doll.  I studied the picture many times during that day.

Chilly Day xxi

Finally, I couldn't wait any longer - this was the Nini doll I was waiting for. I wrote to Jonny at Nini with the request of a commission of such a doll.  Jonny takes only a few commissions each year in addition to his regular doll making. I was determined and I pushed my request forward.  To my great delight, Johnny agreed to my request!

Needless to say, I'm over the moon about this.  I consider having a Nini doll an honour.  Not wanting to gush here, Jonny is truly an exceptionally talented artist and craftsman.  He doesn't claim any relationship to Sasha Morgenthaler or her dolls but for those who admire Sasha's studio dolls, there seems to be a connection.  Yet, his dolls stand alone as his own work, inspired by his own vision.  The dolls straddle the line, at one time being a perfect collector's doll while at the same time being the perfect play doll for any age. Every detail has been painstakingly thought out and attention has been given to very aspect of the doll.  But, don't take my word for it, check out his website as well as his internet sites like Facebook, Twitter and etc.  You'll be amazed at his work. Here are some examples.  Hold on - you're about to be amazed and impressed!

So, now I watch and wait.  Jonny says he thinks he will be able to commence making my doll sometime during the first part of March.  Doll making is an avocation for Jonny and he has limited time to spend on it.  I know this isn't a mail order purchase, coming from a factory warehouse somewhere.  I am revelling in the knowledge that he is making a doll just for me - and what a doll it will be! 

Jonny & "Garden Party" Nini Doll XIV
I will keep everyone updated here on the doll's progress but it will also be available on the Nini Doll sites.  I encourage you all to watch Jonny work.  Be sure to have a good look at

Ok, enough said. Now, get to work, Jonny!  (Just kidding...)

[photos used by permission]

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