Springtime love nest

Dear Diary,

Adam:  Winter is passing and spring will soon be here.  It's lambing and calving time now, even though the weather remains harsh.  Every day we can hear more birds chirping in the trees and bushes.  

We take a big interest in nature which surrounds us here in the country.  We like to feed the birds because it helps them to get through the winter.  Now, the birds are returning, looking for a place to nest and lay their eggs. Angelo and I decided to help out.

Angelo:  Papa bought a bird house last autumn, with the intention of putting it up this spring.  Adam and I are going to take on this job for him.

Adam:  We got out the ladder and soon discovered how big and heavy it is!  I wish we had a doll-sized ladder but then again, it most likely wouldn't have reached high enough.  

"You take the top and I'll take the bottom."

Then, we had to shift the house across the garden to its new home in the hedge.

"Ready.  Set'  Lift!"
Getting the bird house up the ladder was quite a job for us.  It was a bit tricky on the steps and we both wished we had chosen more stable footwear.

"Lift it up to me, Angelo."
Angelo:  I climbed into the hedge and immediately regretted it.  These bushes are very old and difficult to navigate.  It is a variety of the Hawthorne and the thorns are 5 cm (2 inches) long and very, very sharp.  I had to be very careful not to hurt myself.  Papa has had them go through the soles of his boots!

"Wire it up securely.  We don't want it to fall down with baby birds inside."
Now, we wait for a bird couple to move in.

Home tweet home.

Angelo:  We thought you'd like to see our outfits.  Before Papa could knit, someone made this for me when I had my former site "Angelo's World".  I've never even worn this before and it was fun to finally try it on.

Adam:  Jesse knitted this for me last year before he had any knitting patterns.  It is knitted with a very fine wool and so soft.  It actually fits me pretty well.  A few weeks ago, he was clearing out his knitting basket and found this at the bottom.  We were all surprised as we had forgotten all about it.  Naturally, I was delighted to get something new to wear.

Always handsome and well-dressed, clogs and Crocs notwithstanding.

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