A new friend in minneapolis

Dear Diary,

Angelo:  It's great to make a new friend!  Here's a letter we just received from Minneapolis, USA.

Hello Adam, Angelo, and Simon!

My name is Benjamin Roy and I have come to live with Sasha, Anthony, Giancarlo, and the others now.  They told me I should write to you all and introduce myself as I am now part of the family.  I can't tell you how happy I am to be here...I was stuck in a box for 30 years when my guardian Mr. Archibald Hetherington Nastyface found my only relative, Daddy John.  Mr. Nastyface arranged for me to be sent to Daddy John and here I am!  

The first day in my new home.

Daddy John has been so kind to me, he's been working very hard to get me some new clothes right away--it was such a relief to get out of that school uniform!

Finally, some new clothes!

Daddy Steve and my new brothers have all been very welcoming.  So far, Pete Dakota and I have hit it off the best.  We like to play hide-and-seek out in the backyard and just talk about a lot of different things.  I am a very quiet person by nature, so it has been quite an adjustment to all of a sudden having a large family!  Daddy John now and then will let me sit by myself for a little while, just to acclimate and hear myself think--the other boys can get so noisy!

Exploring the back yard of my new home.

I like to read a lot and just finished the new Harry Potter play.  I also like to listen to music (my favorite band is Erasure--and that's Daddy John's favorite, too!) and my job at home is to help with the dishes after dinner.  I think I will like it here very much.

Daddy John likes to call me "BR" for short and sometimes he calls me "BR-549."  He says it is a reference to an old television program called Hee-Haw he watched as a little boy.  Do you know that show?  I don't and sometimes I don't understand Daddy John's jokes.  He says that's okay; he says a lot of people don't get his sense of humor but he doesn't care as long as Daddy Steve and I still let him live with us and give hugs all around.  And I do!

On the front porch and happy to be home.

Here are some pictures of me.  I hope you all are having a good winter!   BR

Angelo:  It's been a long time since I came to live with Papa but this story brought back those good memories.  I hope that some of the other boy dolls we know will write to us and send photos, too.

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