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Dear Diary,

Jesse: I have a footwear fixation and I think my boys should have all the latest styles. Angelo has his custom made but it's a different story for Adam.  As anyone who buys the generic footwear for 18" dolls knows, there is no consistency as each manufacturer makes them in different sizes and shapes, not to mention quality.  My biggest complaint is that they are wide and clunky.

Not long ago, Usha, a member of the Carpatina Yahoo Group, recommended that I try the footwear for the Maplelea doll, Canada's own version of the American Girl.  It seemed like a reasonable risk so I purchased these:

Back row L - R: Summit Boots, Silver Streek, Snowdrifters
Front L - R: Skedaddlers, Carpatina loafers for comparison

They each appear to be nicely made and look good.  Unfortunately, almost all their footwear is for girls and can't cross-over for boys.  I thought I'd show these, comparing them to the proper-fitting and proportional Carpatina shoes.

Summit Boots

These have a good style.  Since they are hiking boots, they are supposed to be bigger than the dress shoes. They are easy to put on and take off.

Comparison of the soles.  These have an appropriately shaped hiking boot sole with correct treading.

Silver Streek

These are my least favourite.  I have seen better motorcycle boots.  However, they have a nicely shaped foot and have an opening secured with velcro down the side for easy putting on and taking off.

Comparison of the soles.  Note the well-shaped shoe.  They are a big longer than the Carpatina shoes.


These are the proper size for a snow boot.  The strap doesn't fit properly in my opinion.  They are easy to put on and take off.

Comparison of the soles.  Again, the shape of the sole and the treads are appropriate for a snow boot.


Gosh, I've not heard that word in yonks!

These casual running shoes are very proportionate to the doll.

Comparison of the soles.  There is little difference between the Maplelea on the left and the Carpatina on the right.
Although the Carpatina shoes are the best in all ways, unfortunately for us boy doll aficionados, they have only 3 on-offer.  I haven't purchased many of the generic 18" doll shoes but of those which I have purchased, some are very good while others are inferior. I'm happy that Usha steered me to the Maplelea shoes and I encourage others who have an Adam doll to look at their website.


  1. Interesting, thank you for this. These shoes don't seem too bad at all and I do like the last pair - they are great for the boys. There really aren't enough shoes out there for the boy dolls!

    1. How right you are about the availability of shoes for boy dolls. At least there is a selection of shoes for the Gregors!

  2. It is always hard for we boys to find enough shoes and clothing. I have trainers and boots, but can't find quality dress shoes and also find that I must dress in quite a casual way as most boy dolls' outfitters only make jeans, joggind suits etc. .Not that there is anything wrong with them, it is just that I'd like a greater range of styles to suit a variety of situations
    I hope you soon find what you are looking for, Adam.
    Your friend,

    1. Hi Haroun. It's true that boy dolls have a much smaller range to choose from unless you are a BJD or one of the fashion dolls like the Tonner Matt O'Neil. If you do a Google search, you'll find a number of sites which sell clothes and shoes for Sasha dolls, boys included. I depend on Ruth in England (the link to her site is on my front page) for almost all my outfits. She is a true professional seamstress. Your friend, Angelo


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