"Lemon tree very pretty..."

Dear Diary,

Adam:  It's almost the winter solstice and our lemon tree has decided to give us all these beautiful lemons.  

We bought this tree last spring but didn't know where to plant it to keep it out of the winds so it spent all spring and summer in  the glass house.  In the latter part of summer it got too hot inside so we moved it outside.  In early spring we'll plant it. We have another potted lemon tree which thinks it's spring so it's put out new blossoms. Silly tree - fooled by Mother Nature!

"Love those lemons!"
Angelo:  We make a number of wonderful baked goodies for afternoon tea time with fresh lemon juice and zest.  I suppose we never have enough lemons!  Next year we should have a big crop from both trees and lots of lemon cakes and biscuits - yummmmm!

"You don't really need any shade in the winter sun."
Adam: I want to point out our new shoes.  Mine are from Maplelea and Angelo's are from Ruth in England.


  1. Wonderful lemons! You can't beat having fresh produce from the garden to bake with... oh and don't forget lemon meringue pie - something else that always tastes so much better with fresh home grown lemons.


    1. Hi Henry, Lemon meringue pie - yummm! Papa makes fresh lemon curd so he could easily bake us a lemon meringue pie. Thanks for suggesting it.

  2. How lucky are you to have your own lemon tree? Great pictures of both your boys...

    1. Thank you. We love having fresh lemons. Our orchard is only 2 years old but getting better each year.

  3. Angelo? ANGELO!!

    My dear Angelo,

    So many years have passed since my Mamma and I would sit together to read your Picture Trail blog and so many not very nice things have happend in the meantime. The worst for me wasbeing locked in a box for what I now know was years and years.

    Did you know that you are the reason I am here? Probably not, but Mamma saw you and fell in love with the idea of having a boy just like you. She took a few months to find me and then had to keep me a big secret but we would spend an hour or two each day together and looked out for your posts with great excitement.

    Do you still have those beautiful teasets? Does your Papa still make wonderful sweaters? I would ask you so many questions if I could.

    A big Welcome to Adam. I think he is very handsome. Please say to him that some humans are just rude and thoughtless. It says more about their lack of understanding of the world when they say bad things about others than it does about the doll or human they are abusing. Believe me, my Mamma only showed me off once and, because I have an Arabic name, we got so much abuse that we gave up on the humans who SAY they like dolls.

    Doll groups are about showing off and are not for Mamma and me. Two people said I must be a terrorist! Me? I'm a Gregor doll, for goodness sake. We are a peaceful, friendly lot, aren't we?

    Well, I'll look forward to your next post.
    Your friend,


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