Happy birthday, Your Majesty!

Dear Diary,

Adam: Today is the Queen's official birthday. 

"Happy birthday, Ma'am!"

Angelo: It isn't her actual birthday, that's on 21 April but since 1748 the subjects of the British Crown have publicly marked the sovereign's birthday. Each of the 16 countries which comprise the Commonwealth of Nations, selects the day to honour the monarch's birthday and legislates it as a public holiday. In New Zealand, we celebrate it on the first Monday in June. Most celebrations are mainly official, including the important Queen's Birthday Honours list which include Knight or Dame Grand Companion of the Order of Merit, Knight or Dame Companion of the Order of Merit and other honours in recognition of special service to the public.

"How does 'Sir Angelo' and 'Sir Adam' sound?"
Adam: We're all dressed-up and ready just in case our names are on the Queen's Birthday honour list this year!

Queen Elizabeth II


  1. My you both look very smart indeed! I am sure you will make the Queens honour list!


    1. Sadly, we are both still commoners. Maybe next year...

  2. They are certainly a couple of cool dudes in their new threads :) Who made their suits?

    1. Angelo's outfit was made by Ruth in England. She does fantastic work. If you can look closely, you'll see the bow tie is iridescent. As for Adam, that suit is from Carpatina who must have purchased it from Walmart or K-Mart. The difference in quality between the two outfits is as wide as the Grand Canyon!

    2. Ruth is indeed very talented, her work is perfection! Adam is also one smart dude...I did like your comment about the differences/Grand Canyon...made me smile...so thanks for that :)


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