Ruth to the rescue!

Dear Diary,

Adam:  As you all know by now, I've misplaced all my shoes.  This is a tragedy beyond description.  It's times like this when you know who your friends are.  

A long time ago, Ruth in England started sewing clothes for me.  She is a very expert seamstress and I have an incredible wardrobe.  Along with the clothes, she also made shoes and boots for me.  So, to whom else would I turn in a time like this?  Why, to Ruth, of course!  She remembered that my foot size is a bit smaller than the usual Sasha doll foot and she made a special pattern for me.  I order shoes from her to jump-start my collect and she certainly came through for me.  Look at the wonderful leather shoes I just received from England!  I am so excited because now I can chose the shoes to go with the outfit.  Wonderful!

"I can hardly wait to slip my feet into all this lovely English leather!"

Ruth limits her work to making clothes and shoes for Sasha dolls.  A link to her site is included in this site.  Go and have a look and if you order from Ruth, tell her that Angelo sent you!

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