Footloose and shoe-free

"If clothes make the boy and shoes make the outfit, whatever will become of me?"

Dear Diary,

Angelo:  Oh dear - we've had a terrible thing happen at our house. With the exception of the shoes on my feet and my pair of JJ biker boots, all of my footwear - all 30 pairs - have disappeared into thin air.  

They were all neatly stored in plastic divider boxes and now we can't find them anywhere.  We've searched the house over and over again, even going into the attic multiple times (we don't have a basement).  It wasn't that many months ago we had them when we moved my clothes into a different storage container.  I had a fantastic collection of footwear: original Trendon factory shoes, vintage shoes, custom-made shoes from Jean Jenson and Ruth Hartley, sandals, boots, my vintage wooden snow skies and all kinds of different shoes.  My Jean Jensen shoes are irreplaceable! 

I've sent an emergency SOS to Ruth in Great Britain for shoes asap!  Luckily, because she has made shoes for me in the past, she knows my foot size (my foot is a bit smaller than many Sasha dolls) and has promised to make some for me.  I don't know how I will ever be able to replace all my footwear and I was so proud of my collection.  This really is terrible news.


  1. Oh that is a disaster! Hopefully they will turn up eventually. My sisters have a fair few of JJ shoes and the twins Connor and James have some shoes/boots she made them and of course I have my famous JJ Henry Hiking boots that she made me for my first trip to New Zealand - I would be devastated if I lost those....

    Hoping they will turn up for you Angelo.


    1. Hi Henry, It's not only a disaster but also a mystery! The boxes are nowhere to be found. I guess I was sort of an Imelda Marcos with all my footwear but I enjoyed finding, wearing and collecting them. We've not given up hope but we have run out of places to search. Angelo


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