Mechanised motoring

Dear Diary,

Armand:  Everyone knows by now that I've had a severe accident and I'll never walk again unaided.  I'm an active kind of boy and this doesn't sit very well with me.  I asked Pops for a motorised chair so I can get around.  I had this in mind:

But, I was more than willing to settle for something like this:

And, this is what Pops bought for me:

Not exactly what I had in mind.  But, never mind, it does come motorised:

"Push faster, Adam!  Faster!"

And, it's far preferable to this option:

"I feel like a trundler of groceries!"


  1. Ha Ha your boys have such a great sense of humour! :D x

  2. That is a brilliant wheelchair! Where on earth did you find that. As Nanna said above, you have a brilliant sense of humour. I can just see the boys roaring around pushing the trolley first and then the wheelchair.

  3. what an incredible wheelchair for Armand.

  4. Yay, Armand is mobile again! I've always wanted a motorcycle...I wonder if Daddy Steve would let me get one if it looked like the first photo? Daddy John

  5. It's great; certainly far better than the shopping cart! Actually I think Armand would prefer being carried around in a sedan chair like Cleopatra while someone walks behind fanning him.

  6. What a perfect sized wheelchair ! And I'm sure all his brothers will be happy to help push him around.
    It's amazing what out there in doll size ! :)


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