A waistcoat wonder

Dear Diary,

Hans:  Mein Vati has knitted some colourful waistcoats for me.

Made with Peruvian Alpaca yarn.

Made with NZ Merino wool.

Made with Peruvian Baby Alpaca.

Made with NZ Merino wool.
Made with unknown knitting wool purchased at a charity shop.

Made with unknown knitting wool purchased at a charity shop.
"Look, Daddy, I'll knit while you sew."

And yet, still no new trousers!  I'm going to hide the knitting needles in the hope he finds the sewing machine while searching for the needles.  


  1. Hello Hansi!
    You do look smart in you new, classic style waistcoats. The pattern is wonderful and I especially like the one in the NZ Merino wool. Will you share them with your brothers?

    You do not know me yet, but your Papa might remember me. i became an orphan last year but now live with the other Sasha children at Bryn Derw. I hope we can be friends.

    Best wishes,

    1. We remember Haroun too. We're very happy to hear that he's found a good and loving home.

  2. Good heavens - of course we remember you. Angelo often speaks of you with great fondness. Just a short while ago, we accidentally found your wonderful blog and have intended to put a link onto our blog. We were sad to hear of the passing of your mum but overjoyed that you were adopted by a caring person into a loving family. You deserve this and it would make your mum happy to know you are in good hands. Thank you for writing to tell us how you are; Angelo sends his love. By the way, no, I don't share my clothes with my brothers because I'm much bigger than they are so my clothes don't fit any of them. Shame, huh?

  3. Hans, you look exceedingly handsome in all your new waistcoats that your Papa has been industriously knitting for you. As you know we love knitting with NZ Merino wool especially, but all your waistcoats look good and very smart. Hopefully you will get some trousers soon!

  4. Wow someone has been busy - a different look for every day of the week!
    Now what is the latest creation, a cardigan I wonder?

  5. You have been a busy knitter lately Jesse! A waistcoat for all occasions!

  6. What a lovely and colourful range of beautifully knitted waistcoats you have there Hans! One for everyday of the week! Classic style, always good , never goes out of fashion.
    I think Dad must prefer knitting or he'd find the sewing machine.... sometimes it's so much easier to just carry on knitting!
    But even if you don't get any new trousers soon, you have a great range of waistcoats to wear.

  7. Hans is so lucky to have you to knit for him. I love waistcoats and vests. I can't pick a favourite out of them, they're all so smart. Simple classics are always the best. I've have a charcoal grey alpaca vest on the needles for myself at the moment, although I haven't been finding much time to work on it. If I have any yarn left when I eventually finish it I'll knit the girls something :) Jane x

  8. Wow! I wish I could knit....fantastic job Jesse!


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