The doll man

Dear Diary,

Jesse:  I found this by accident; I can't explain how it showed up on my computer recently.   It needs to be shared!  

The Doll Man is a fictional superhero from the Golden Age of Comics, created by cartoonist Eill Eisner and originally published in 1939.

In the beginning -

The adventures continue -

And to make sure there's no doubt -

All the while this guy's hanging around somewhere - 

And, finally something I can relate to today -

I leave it to my readers to have fun captioning these pages!

"I am the Doll Man!"


  1. Oh how funny! Isn't it amazing how some things are just found by accident. Who would have guessed. As for Angelo's fabulous outfit - did you make this?

    Loved the penultimate picture as well, also made me giggle

    Brilliant post!

  2. Being a comics nerd when I was younger, I'm familiar with the character of Doll Man. Angelo's Doll Man outfit is freaking AWESOME! John

  3. Brilliant! This gave me a much needed end-of-the-week laugh. Don't mess with dolls (or their owners)!

  4. What a great discovery! I'll have to find s copy and read his adventures. He's like a gym-going Tom Thumb!

  5. Wonder why they decided to call him Doll Man? just because he was doll sized? I must say that he's legs are very 'ladylike'! lol
    How amazing the 'net' is for finding things from yesteryear that you'd never otherwise have seen or heard of!

  6. WOW!! What a fantastic comic and Angelo's outfit is fabulous! I asked my husband if he had heard of Doll Man, but he's says not. I'll ask my dad when I see him :)

  7. Angelo is the world's mightiest mite!


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