A suiting wardrobe

Dear Diary,

Jesse:  I suppose most everyone with dolls and their extra clothing struggles with storage of the latter.  I have tried all kinds of things: plastic containers both large and flat, doll trunks, suitcases, dressers both large and small, doll wardrobes and others I've forgotten.  But, none have really been all that satisfactory. The chief reason for my dissatisfaction has been that doll clothes are small and I like to keep everything in strict order: jumpers with jumpers, trousers with trousers, jackets with jackets and separated from coats, dress shirts with dress shirts and not with casual shirts - you get the picture.  Keeping everything organised and yet easily accessed challenges me constantly.  I do not like to dig very far down in a drawer or container to find something. Each boy who lives here has his own small dresser but even these drawers are too deep for my satisfaction.  

When Hans arrived, I knew I needed something better.  As luck would have it, I discovered this piece of furniture in a local antique shop.  I knew immediately that this would work nicely as the drawers are not deep and so I could find different articles of clothing easily.  The drawers remind me a lot of the old fashioned department stores in the men's wear department.  Behind the counter there were rows of these type of drawers which held merchandise such as handkerchiefs, gloves, underwear, ties and shirts.  Every time I visited this shop, I coveted this piece of furniture, assuming wrongly that it was to display store merchandise and not for sale.  Imagine my delight when I accidentally discovered the price tag on it.  It went home with me the same day! 

The dimensions are:

  • Overall:  Height 100 cm x width 70 cm x depth 45

  • Drawers: Height 9 cm - 12 cm graduation front to back x width 33 cm x depth 35 cm

Here you can see how easy it is to access clothes.  The front sides slope upwards from the from to the back, making it even easier to find, select and retrieve items.

Hans doesn't have a lot of things to wear yet but he does have some jumpers.  See how nicely they fit and how practical this wardrobe is.

I have my eye on another one - if I can talk the person into selling it to me.

Just for kicks, here is how I store doll shoes.  This is one of several cases of Angelo's footwear.  Sadly, there are several more cases just for him.  And, then there are those cases for the other dolls...!


  1. Just love the wardrobe with drawers. I have coveted one of those as well, sadly it wasn't for sale the one I saw. Hope you have luck getting the second one. I too like to keep clothes separated into what they are. Not working especially well here though at the moment and this is one of the areas I want to address.

    I have something similar to store the shoes as well, although Henry would be very jealous if he realised just how many shoes Angelo has....he though he had a fair few pairs, but he has to share some of them with his friends.

  2. I'd love to have some order in my storage of doll clothes, but I have so little room - or so many dolls...
    That wardrobe is perfect. I hope you'll get the matching one too!

  3. That is an enviable shoe collection. I really like the moccasins. We have a fair number of shoes, but also an army of feet, so most are constantly in use.

  4. A great little cupboard to store your dolls clothes. Alas I'm far beyond one cupboard managing that job! I'm more in need of one of those planner chests with the huge but shallow drawers , then I need somewhere to put it!
    I do love the old fashioned storage units that were in the shops in the 30's to the 60's before it all went 'modern' unfortunately they tend to what a small fortune for those :(
    My dolls shoe collection is second only to Amelda Marcos.. cough... so a small planner chest would be required.... But it's so lovely when you do find just the right item to suit.
    maybe you can show us another photo when all the clothes have been stored away.. we knows there's more... ;)


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