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Dear Diary,

Jesse:  Not long ago, I had a couple of requests to show the boys with their individual chairs.  We aim to please: here are the photos.


The odyssey of this chair, coming from the US and getting to NZ, has already been chronicled here.  Everyone loved this chair.  It was purchased for Hans but some other boy doll climbed up and liked sitting in it.  Poor Hans had to evict Armand so he could have the chair for himself.

I recently knitted the waistcoat for him.  I made three in different colours.


I don't understand why Armand was so determined to have Hans' chair when he has a lovely wicker chair of his own.  This chair has a very wide seat which accommodates Armand's wide seat perfectly.  Although I often strap him in to prevent any accidents, he doesn't need it as he sits firmly in place.


A Victorian woman's parlour chair in red plush upholstery suits Adam nicely.  Adam's creator used UD (Unintelligent Design); he has a difficult time sitting, moving his head and posing.  His creator should have used science instead - the results would have been more satisfactory.  As you can see, he needs a chair which accommodates his splayed legs when sitting.  He also needs an extra amount of ease in his trousers so he can sit down.  He likes his chair and doesn't mind sharing it with others.  But, don't tell him it's a ladies chair - you know how silly blokes can be!

Now, this is what I call "man spread"!


As the longest doll resident in my family, Angelo has a custom-made rocker.  It is after the Mission Style Arts & Crafts style, specifically the Gustav Stickley design.  Angelo's rocker is perfectly scaled to him.  He enjoys sitting and rocking for hours in it.

Nini Studio Boy Doll 

Waiting in anticipation.


  1. What a lovely range of chairs you have for your boys. I can totally understand why poor Hans has to fight to get his chair back,it's a very fine chair.
    But I have to say that for me it would be Angelo's chair ,I love everything about his chair, the arts and crafts are one of my favourite styles and that chair is just perfect.
    Armand's chair keeps him nice and snug but will skip over Adam's very male pose !
    I love that you have a chair ready and waiting for your Nini boy but I bet poor Hans will have to defend his chair again!
    Thanks for showing us the chairs

  2. The chairs match your boys - all very beautiful and unique. Angelo's rocker is a real tour de force! A lot of A & C collectors over here would go crazy for it. I'm totally loving Hans' new waistcoat. It's the perfect look for him!

  3. How great each of your boys has a place of his own to sit down. And they are all picked carefully and individually, so there's no need to fight.
    I like Hans' new waistcoat. And I love his socks!

  4. Great pictures! Have you ever thought of getting a different body for Adam? I am trying to find a suitable BJD body for a Sylvia Natterer doll I bought on Ebay. The seller never mentioned that the doll had permanently bent knees so she is always in a sitting position! I can't get her to stand up, so frustrating. I want to "Frankenstein" her by a body switch. Just can't find the right body yet. She is 24 inches. Love your posts and boys.

    1. Thank you for your comments. I have wanted to change Adam's body but I can't find a replacement with a neck opening to accommodate his head.


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