Dear Diary,

Armand:  It was time to do the first cutting of the rhubarb and did we ever have a lot!  We decided to make up rhubarb pie filling and to bottle it for use during the winter.  We made 14 quarts.

It's very colourful.

Then, using the left-over rhubarb pie filling, we made a pie.

Rhubarb pie with political attitude.

Adam:  That pie didn't last long and there was still some pie filling to be used-up so we made a delicious cake.  It is kept refrigerated and served cold.

The top is so bright and colourful even though the photo doesn't show it well.

It looked so good that Adam had some with afternoon tea.

Jesse: For those of us who have Queen Elizabeth as our Head of State (instead of a barbarian fascist), you may recognise the china.  It is by the Paragon China Company, commissioned by HRH Duchess of York (the late Queen Mother) to commemorate the birth of her daughter Princess Margaret Rose (the late sister of the Queen) on August 21, 1930.  It is a lovely pattern of budgerigars.

The pattern comes in other styles of china pieces, most more formal than this style.  We have them all!

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