Letter: "shades" of autumn

Dear Diary,

Adam:  I received a letter from my friend, Antonio.

Dear friends in New Zealand -

After several days of cloudy, rainy weather, we are enjoying a beautiful, sunny Sunday afternoon.  It's one of those rare, perfect "in between days" - not really summer anymore, but not yet autumn.

Looking cool.

 I took the opportunity to sit out on the patio and enjoy the nice weather (and the quiet).  

"Are you awake?"

Benjamin Roy joined me for a while, but then went off to play with his friend Pete.  

Beauty in cut crystal.
I also spent some time arranging some lovely autumn hued flowers that we picked up at the market.  As you can see, both B.R. and I are absolutely loving our new sweaters that Jesse made us.  Angelo and Adam: you are very lucky to have such a crafty papa.  We suspect that if Steve attempted to knit, we would have to be standing by with a scissors to cut his fingers loose.  Thank you again for the beautiful gifts.

Take care.


Adam:  Love the shades, Tony!


  1. Hey guys, your sweaters look great, how kind of Jesse to knit them for you. The flowers are beautiful. The weather hasn't been so nice here the last few days, but it had been very hot.

    What a great letter you received Adam, always good to find out what friends are doing and nice to know what Anthony and Benjamin Ray have been doing and that they like their sweaters so much.

    Your friend,



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