Introducing armand marseille

Dear Diary,

Jesse:  "Boys, here is your new brother.  His name is Armand Marseille.  

He comes originally from Germany.  I know he looks very young but actually he was born sometime around the turn of the last century.  He is bigger than either of you and has joints which move.  He is sturdy but we have to remember that his head is made of bisque and can break if we are not careful with him.  He's been around for well over 100 years and we want to be around for a lot longer.

Introducing Armand Marseille

Angelo:  I was very excited!  Getting a new brother was way better than a new push bike!  But, I was curious about something and I just had to ask - "Papa, why is he wearing those old fashioned clothes?"

Jesse: I had to laugh at Angelo's question.  "Well, Angelo, it's because he is an old doll.  To us, his clothes look old fashioned but in his early days, they would have been very fashionable.  Don't forget that you still wear knickerbockers!  The broach on his hat has special meaning for him and so we'll keep it for him to wear whenever he wants.  It will be like when I wear one of my antique Scottish thistle pins."

Adam:  I didn't mind how he was dressed; I thought he looked so nice.  Angelo and I have become very close over the year since I came here to live and I know that Armand will feel the same.  It means we will have to work to make him a part of the family.

Jesse:  I knew already that Armand would need new clothes but it wasn't going to be easy.  He is a big boy, 59 cm to be exact, and he has, what it called in the doll world, a toddler's body.  That's a nice way of saying he has a belly and a big butt.  Nothing is impossible and I had been getting ready for his arrival.  "I have already thought about new clothes for Armand.  I've knitted 4 new cardigan/jumpers and 3 hats.  Lynnette the seamstress made him a pair of trousers.  The best news is that the footwear for the generic 18" doll fit him perfectly so he'll have many pairs of shoes and boots.  I have already ordered a dozen different ones.  And, Adam, you can wear them too!"

New clothes waiting for Armand

We helped Armand to get undressed and to try on his new clothes.  He was so pleased but I was even happier because everything fit him perfectly.

Contemporary clothing has changed the boy.
Jesse:  I am confident that I made a wise choice, bringing Armand here to live with us.  He is very happy;  Angelo and Adam are pleased, too.  Armand will speak for himself in future posts.

He sure is tall!

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