New letter - minneapolis mail call

Dear Diary,

Adam: Yeah!  Another letter from the USA!  We enjoy hearing from our friends.

Dear Angelo & Adam –
When we read your blog, one of the things we notice is how helpful you guys are to your papa.  You are such thoughtful boys!  You’re always busy collecting eggs, picking vegetables and berries, and tending the goats.  Being urban dolls, many of these chores are unfamiliar to us.  However we do try to help Steve around the house whenever we can.  We pick up our clothes and books and generally tidy up. 

 One of our favorite jobs is getting the daily mail.  Every afternoon when we hear the clank of the mail slot, we know it's time to go collect all of the fun and exciting things that we have received.

Of course some things are more interesting than others. We get a fair number of bills.  We save these for Steve and he does something with them – we’re not exactly sure what.

We also receive quite a few magazines and catalogs.  Steve’s husband is a big Doctor Who fan, and we like to look through his latest Doctor Who Magazine.  Tony and I enjoy it a lot, but sometimes the monsters and aliens are a little too intense for Sasha.

The best days are when we receive packages because quite often they are for us.  All of our clothes come via mail. Come to think of it, except for Sasha, we all arrived by mail too.  Most of our parcels are padded envelopes that fit through the slot with no trouble.  Occasionally though our letter carrier doesn’t give them a good enough shove and they get hung up in the slot.  This can be very frustrating, and it often calls for a little ingenuity.  Fortunately we can count on our good friend Tyler to help us out.  He’s really quite fearless.  Tony doesn’t always approve of our methods.  He tells us to be more careful and generally clucks around like an old mother hen.  I usually tell him, “Oh dear Antonio, why do you worry so?  You must learn to relax.”  

But we’ve never had a mishap yet (knock on wood), and with our mission accomplished we get to examine all of the wonderful new things for us.  I’m sure you guys will agree that nothing can make a boy doll’s day like a great new outfit or pair of shoes!  
Distinti saluti,

Angelo:  Cari amici, Siamo molti contenti di avere ricevutto una letter da voi.  Per piacere, ci scrivete di nuovo!

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